Evonne Hsu stalked while out on a walk with her baby

The singer-actress turned to Facebook for help


Singer-actress Evonne Hsu, who married her husband Dennis in 2013 and gave birth to Baby E last year, was stalked while out on a walk with her little one. The 39-year-old, who was with her good friend Peggy Hsu, was so frightened she resorted to posting on Facebook for help.

Yesterday, the singer-actress revealed on Facebook that she was being followed by a man wearing sunglasses. The duo only realised that they were being followed after a while and immediately went inside a department store to try and shake him off. However, the expressionless man continued to follow them inside the store and even tailed them to the carpark.

Evonne, who ruled out the possibility of him being either a fan or from the paparazzi, said in her post, “Mister, following us suspiciously for such a long period of time will only result in us feeling extremely uncomfortable… Especially as a mother with a baby, I’m wondering what he really wants (from us).”

After seeing her post, concerned fans left messages reminding her to be careful when she goes out, and that it was best to have someone to be with her when she goes out in public. In response, Evonne assured, “If he continues following us, we will report it to the guards at the department store.”

Photos: PBE Media

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