Ex-EXO Z.TAO slammed for ‘shameful behaviour’ at London fashion show

Tardy pop star barges in to locate his seat, all while models strut past

Tao 1

Chinese pop singer and former EXO member Z.TAO (previously known as Tao) has received harsh criticism online for his recent behaviour at a fashion show in London. The singer’s late entrance into the venue and his weaving among the runway models to locate his seat have all been caught on camera and posted online.

Netizens slammed the Z.TAO’s actions, calling them rude and disrespectful of the fashion show, and some even labelled him an international disgrace, Chinese media reports. Some, however, wondered whether Z.TAO was at fault, as organisers are typically in charge of barring latecomers from entering events that have commenced.

Tao 2

In the video clip, Z.TAO, in a sharp blue suit, can be seen sharing the runway with models as he walks down it looking for his assigned seat. He then finds himself right next to International Vogue Editor, Suzy Menkes.

Staff explained Z.TAO was late because he was held up by road closures nearby and the congestion caused by throngs of fans.

The incident doesn’t seem to have affected Z.TAO much. “This is the first time I’m watching a fashion show, the first time I’m in London. I’m a bit nervous, but I’m far more excited for the new experiences,” he said.

Z.TAO has had it rough lately, with EXO fans calling him a traitor to the South Korean boyband and news of his filing a lawsuit against his agency, SM Entertainment, breaking last month.

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