Exorbitant ticket prices on black market for Jody Chiang’s concert

Black market sellers are charging S$2500 for an S$280 ticket

Jody Chiang

For the first time in Taiwanese showbiz history, ticket sales for veteran singer Jody Chiang’s farewell concert tour Best Wishes To You, which consists of 16 shows in Taipei and Kaohsiung between July and September, has been separated into several days.

Yet, this was not enough to prevent the ticketing website Kham Ticket from crashing as 30,000 fans scrambled to grab tickets on Monday. The company has since promised to improve their system for the remaining ticket sales days.

As a result of the rapidly sold out shows, sellers on the black market are charging exorbitant prices for the tickets. According to a Hong Kong website, a ticket which cost NT$6800 (approximately S$280) has been inflated to NT$60,000 (S$2500).

In response, Kham Ticket has reported the situation to the Cyber Police and advised fans not to buy tickets from the black market.

On behalf of Jody, her manager thanked the fans for their massive support. “Apologies for making everyone go through so much trouble!” she said.

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