F.I.R’s Real Huang welcomes baby girl

The first-time father has vowed, “From now on, I will protect my family”

F.I.R’s Real Huang vows to protect his family

Taiwanese rock band F.I.R’s guitarist Real Huang and his wife, model Flora Li, welcomed a new addition to their family yesterday afternoon (June 28). According to Taiwan reports, their 2.65 kg daughter was born at 3.19 pm.

The 35-year-old new father, also known as Ah Qing, nicknamed his child Xiao Hua Bao (Little Flower Bud).

Real wrote a 400-word dedication to his new baby girl on Facebook, expressing that he is may not be a perfect person but will make the effort to try and change his bad habits and flaws. He added that he wants to learn to be a better man and vowed, “From now on, I will protect my family.”

He shared a few photos of his daughter online as well, captioning, “She’s not like the other babies. She’s always laughing and giving many different facial expressions.”

Netizens left praises and well wishes such as: “The baby is so adorable”, “I believe you will be a good father” and “Congratulations on becoming a father!”

Real announced his marriage via Facebook last December to 21-year-old Flora, who was already three months pregnant at the time.

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