Fan Bingbing admits to her relationship with Li Chen

The Chinese starlet and her beau shared the happy news on Weibo today

Fan Bingbing admits to her relationship with Li Chen

Chinese starlet Fan Bingbing and her Empress of China co-star Li Chen made their relationship public this morning by posting their photo on Weibo, after their dating rumours surfaced in January this year.

The 33-year-old actress is known to have gone to extremes to protect her relationship, like hiding under a tablecloth to avoid questions on her relationship. However, Bingbing once promised the media that she would reveal her boyfriend’s name should her celebrity buddy Huang Xiaoming announce his wedding date with Angelababy.

As Xiaoming and Angelababy revealed that they have officiated their marriage on Wednesday, Bingbing was urged by the media to fulfil her promise. At an event in Taiwan yesterday, the actress replied coyly, “Everyone, please wait to see how things will turn out. I will work hard.”

The wait did not take long, as Li Chen took the initiative to confirm their relationship today with their sweet selfie and his succinct caption, “The two of us”. Shortly after, Bingbing also confirmed the happy news by sharing his post on her Weibo account.

Celebrity friends gave the couple their blessings, including Zhao Wei’s humorous comment, “Hello to ‘the two of you’.” Bingbing’s co-star Janine Chang also wrote joyfully, “This is great news!”

Fan Bingbing admits to her relationship with Li Chen

At yesterday’s event, the 33-year-old also shared that marriage and establishing a family have always been a part of her life plans and she would not let the opportunity slip out of her hands if she finds a suitable partner. She jested that her partner “would be the luckiest person in the world”.

When asked about Xiaoming and Angelababy’s marriage, Bingbing blessed the couple and said that she is deeply touched by their love. She added that she and several celebrity friends are diligently choosing a wedding band for Angelababy, joking that Xiaoming has to buy the most expensive one for his sweetheart.

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