Fan Bingbing hides under a tablecloth to avoid questions on love life

The Chinese actress hid under a tablecloth when bombarded with questions on her relationship

Fan Bingbing feels shy when asked about Li Chen
Chinese actress Fan Bingbing did the unthinkable and tried to hide herself under a red table cloth when pressed with questions about her relationship with Li Chen.

At a celebratory press conference of her latest Chinese drama The Empress of China, which has achieved high viewership ratings in China, Bingbing made an appearance alongside leading actresses like Janine Chang, Zhang Ting, Kathy Chow and more. Li Chen, who is her rumoured love interest in real life and co-stars as her first love in the drama, was the only one absent from the event.

Fan Bingbing feels shy when asked about Li Chen
As news of the two enjoying a staycation in Shanghai was released a day before the party, reporters speculated that the 37-year-old actor’s absence was to divert attention from their dating rumours.

During the event, fellow actress Zhang Ting, who was also the host, cheekily asked Bingbing, “Why did you become so pretty lately? Did something happen?”

Bingbing was said to be embarrassed by her co-star’s remark and even used her other rumoured boyfriend and co-star Aarif Lee as a shield to Zhang Ting’s questions.

After the event, reporters also repeatedly asked about her date with Li Chen on Valentine’s Day. However, Bingbing simply maintained her smile and avoided their questions.

Fan Bingbing feels shy when asked about Li Chen

Unwilling to relent, the media continued bombarding her with questions about her new relationship and Bingbing had no choice but to seek refuge by hiding under the red tablecloth before her manager rushed forward to escort her out of the venue.

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