Fan Bingbing: I’ve never thought of being apart from Li Chen

The power couple has become increasingly open about their affections for one another since confirming their relationship in May

Fan Bingbing: I’ve never thought of being apart from Li Chen

Power couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen confirmed their relationship this May and have stayed in the spotlight ever since. While they’ve been constantly embroiled in wedding rumours, the pair has neither confirmed nor dismissed them directly, causing fans of the two to wonder if they will be tying the knot in the near future.

Li Chen turned 37 yesterday (Nov 24) and Bingbing made a declaration of love on her personal Weibo with, “(I’ve) never thought of being apart (from you)”, adding on a line from his 1997 drama, Shi Qi Sui Bu Ku (loosely translated to No Tears at 17), “Don’t forget where your dreams began; the most dangerous place is also the safest – the snow in Beijing welcomes you!” She also uploaded a shot of the two, with her clad in pink exercise gear and her beau donning what looks like a Baymax costume.

In response, Li Chen reposted her post with a short, “Grateful; I’m happy because I have you”, causing a flurry of subsequent comments wishing the two a happy relationship and others which expressed jealousy at how loving the pair is.

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