Fan Bingbing, Li Chen preparing for wedding

Couple spotted house hunting in Hong Kong; actress gives no direct answer when questioned

Fan Bingbing

Chinese actors Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have been spotted house hunting together, according to Hong Kong media, leading to speculation that the couple are preparing for their wedding. An interior designer said he has received instructions to renovate Bingbing’s villa, though he didn’t know whether the job was related to a wedding.

A celebrity insider revealed that the Bingbing and Li Chen have begun preparing for their wedding, even confirming sponsors, and Bingbing has spoken of plans to move from acting to production work after marriage so that she can raise children.

After Bingbing made public her relationship with her The Empress of China co-star Li Chen in May, the pair are often seen together.

Bingbing was spotted yesterday afternoon in Hong Kong’s Central district wearing natural makeup and accompanied by two assistants but not Li Chen.

The actress appeared in good spirits and zipped in and out of luxury stores to try on outfits. When asked by reporters whether she was getting married, she gave no answer, but smiled and said, “Be careful!”, and left quickly.

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