Fan Bingbing reportedly to be a guest on Here Comes Kangxi in December

Producers to fork out NT$100,000 for Chinese A-lister’s appearance

Dee Hsu, Kevin Tsai, Fan Bingbing

Top Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, 34, has reportedly agreed to be a guest on the long-running Taiwanese talk show Here Comes Kangxi, at an appearance fee of NT$100,000 (approximately S$4,340).

The actress will come on as a countdown guest on December 2, leading up to the exit of the talk show’s hosts, Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai, from the 12-year-old programme.

Bingbing’s relationship with Chinese actor Li Chen is expected to be the focus of her appearance on the show, should it be confirmed.

Dee recently had her own brother-in-law scheduled as a guest on Here Comes Kangxi. Wang Xiaofei, the Chinese entrepreneur husband of Barbie Hsu, is due to come on this week to talk about his living in two places and having to shuttle across the Taiwan Strait for business and his family.

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