Fan Bingbing’s face insured for S$22 million

Producers of the show did not wish to take the risk of the popular Chinese screen starlet injuring her beautiful facial features and good skin while playing vigorous games on the show

Fan Bingbing’s face insured for S$22 million

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing’s face was recently insured for a whooping RMB$100 million (approximately S$22 million) ahead of her appearance on Chinese outdoor variety show Hurry Up, Brother to promote her new movie.

The show, adapted from renowned South Korean variety programme Running Man, requires its cast and guests to run from place to place and participate in vigorous games throughout filming. Hence, the show’s producers decided that they did not wish to risk the Empress of China actress’ safety and her well-known doll-like features and spotless skin.

When Bingbing was present for the filming of the show, producers of the show were also said to have specially increased the security level to protect her and other guests.

Insiders added that Bingbing received ‘preferential treatment’ as other celebrities were insured between three to eight million yuan (approximately S$660,000 to S$1.76 million) while the insurance plan for her face alone costs a whooping S$$22 million. However, producers of the show refused to clarify on the amount that Bingbing was insured for, only admitting that different artistes are insured at a different value.

The 33-year-old was also rumoured to have her face insured at a high price from a long time ago. Should Bingbing’s face suffer injuries – even minimally, she will receive a tidy sum of reimbursement. 

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