Fan Bingbing’s manager clarifies about their “fight”

Rumours of Fan Bingbing and her manager having a heated argument in public have been dispelled

Fan Bingbing’s manager clarifies about their “fight”

Chinese actress-singer Fan Bingbing arrived at Pudong Airport in Shanghai with her manager Mu Xiaoguang yesterday and the two were seen smiling and talking as they headed to her actor boyfriend Li Chen’s car.

Li Chen, who was fetching them from the airport, was seen waiting for a long time before Bingbing and her manager arrived. Bingbing stood at the side and used her phone as Xiaoguang loaded the luggage into Li Chen’s car.

According to eyewitnesses, the two suddenly broke out into an argument and Bingbing’s manager was seen trying to persuade the actress by using hand gestures and raising his voice, but she refused to relent.

The commotion attracted the attention of other people in the airport but both Bingbing and her manager continued to argue with each other.

Xiaoguang clarified over a phone interview that the rumours were false, when contacted to comment on it, saying, “I think it’s very strange. How could Bingbing and I suddenly have an argument? How can you believe these rumours? Aren’t they all just lies?”

When netizens questioned why Li Chen stayed in his car the entire time and didn’t even try to stop their fight, Xiaoguang explained, “I am Fan Bingbing’s manager. We have a lot of work matters to discuss. It’s completely normal, and Li Chen is right to stay out of our discussions.”

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