Fan Bingbing’s passport details leaked online

Netizen says he found actress’s documents in Kyoto

Fan Bingbing

A netizen who picked up immigration documents belonging to five people including Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and her fiancé, Li Chen, near the Shijo-karasuma station in Kyoto, has posted photos of them online.

On top of posting the actress’s passport details, the netizen added that she and Li Chen had shared a hotel room during their stay in Japan.

The unnamed netizen wrote on Sunday: “Instead of saying I ran into Fan Bingbing and Li Chen, it’s as if they turned back to look for me, because I picked this up at Shijo-karasuma.” A photo of Bingbing’s passport was appended to the post.

The netizen then added he had found a slip of paper folded within the passport that showed Bingbing and Li Chen were staying together in room 1521 of an unknown hotel. The pair were spotted touring Kyoto on Sunday.

Some fans were concerned that the user’s first response wasn’t to return the passports to their owners, but to take photos of the sensitive information and post them on the Internet.

Other fans commented, “At least this proves [Bingbing] is still a Chinese national, unlike those celebrities who secretly take up some other country’s citizenship but stay on to make money in China.”

This isn’t the first time the actress has had her passport information leaked. Images of her exit–entry permit to Hong Kong and Macau were posted online, and netizens mocked her lopsided eyebrows.

Fan Bingbing 2

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