Fan Bingbing’s rounder figure sparks pregnancy rumours

The actress’ boyfriend Li Chen is “working hard” on proposing to her soon

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Chinese actress Fan Bingbing appeared at a promotional event recently sporting a fuller tummy, giving rise to rumours that the 34-year-old was pregnant. Crew members were also spotted supporting the actress whenever she was walking.

Bingbing revealed her relationship with actor Li Chen in May last year, with the actress having once commented that Li Chen will be her “last boyfriend” on the talkshow Kangxi is Coming. The couple have also been previously reported to have bought a luxury villa in Qingdao, China together, showing that their relationship is progressing well.

Yesterday, Li Chen appeared at the 23 Beijing College Student Film Festival, where he picked up the Most Popular Male Actor award. Interestingly, when the 37-year-old walked the red carpet, fans did not chant his name. Instead, they chanted Bingbing’s name.

When asked, Li Chen said, “The college students are particularly interested [in our relationship]. Nowadays, whenever I’m on stage, everyone yells Bingbing’s name instead of mine. The actor also revealed that instead of being stressed about it, he feels happy. “This can be seen as the love everyone has for her, and it’s good for the both of us.”

Later, when he walked up onstage to receive his award, Li Chen was also asked when will Fan Bingbing become Mrs Li. The actor then replied that he was “working on it” and that he’ll share the news with everyone once there’s “good news”.

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Photos: PBE Media

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