Fan Bingbing shops with beau Li Chen as bodyguard

Affectionate actors seen in Beijing mall


Chinese actors Fan Bingbing, 34, and Li Chen, 37, were spotted shopping in a mall in Beijing, and witnesses said Li Chen carried Bingbing’s bags and acted as her bodyguard.

According to Chinese media, Bingbing browsed through the stores and even stopped to take a selfie, while Li Chen cleared the way for her through the mall.

The couple appeared together on the last episode of Taiwanese talk show Here Comes Kangxi, during which Bingbing said Li Chen would be her last boyfriend.

The actors met on the set of the 2014 Chinese period drama The Empress of China, and they are rumoured to be marrying soon. They were recently reported to have bought a villa in Bingbing’s hometown of Qingdao, China, together.

Fan Bingbing, Li Chen appear together for last episode of Here Comes Kangxi 
Fan Bingbing, Li Chen reportedly bought luxury property together 

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