Fan claims to be hit by nunchucks at Jay Chou’s concert

Post on Weibo alleged that a fan was hit by the nunchucks thrown by Jay Chou

jay chou

Jay Chou held a concert in Jingzhou last Saturday, performing to an enthusiastic crowd. However, after the concert ended, a post with a picture of a male with a bloodied head emerged on Weibo, accusing Jay of hitting the male’s head with his nunchucks.

The 37-year-old usually uses a pair of nunchucks as his prop when performing his hit song ‘Nunchucks’. The Weibo post alleged that when Jay was performing, he threw the nunchucks out, causing it to hit the concertgoer.

The poster wrote, “After he performed ‘Nunchucks’, Jay threw the nunchucks in his hand to one side, resulting in the injury of my friend, Yang. He needed three stitches to close the wound!”

He also revealed that Yang’s friends had tried to persuade him to seek compensation from Jay, but Yang only said, “My idol threw it, and he didn’t mean to injure me, so forget it,” and even expressed regret at not being able to catch the nunchucks thrown by Jay.

Regarding this matter, the media investigated and found out that the hospital closest to the concert venue did not receive any patients with head injuries.

A reader also revealed that the person who posted the picture was named Ma, and that he has come forward to explain everything to the relevant authorities. The post was then found to be nothing but a baseless rumour.

Photos: PBE Media

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