Fan says Sonia Sui’s son resembles Joseph Cheng

Actor would invite toddler to play younger version of himself


Max, the 4-month-old son of Taiwanese actress and model Sonia Sui, 35, has been winning hearts all across the Internet, and a fan of Sonia commented online that Max resembles actor and singer Joseph Cheng, the lead in the 2005 drama series It Started With a Kiss.

“Every time I look at Max it’s as if I’m looking at a mini Joseph Cheng,” the fan wrote. Sonia had a good laugh over the comment, and she took a screen capture and sent it to Joseph.


The actor replied on Saturday, saying, “When I was young I had the same hairstyle as Max, and everyone would say I looked like the mayor of Taichung city!” Joseph added that if he ever needed a child actor to play a younger version of himself, he would ask Max.

Sonia Sui gave birth to Max last August in Singapore.

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