Fan war between Show Lo and Jay Chou’s supporters

Fans of both singers lashed out at each other after a Show Lo’s imposter liked a photo that criticised Jay Chou

Fan war between Show Lo and Jay Chou’s supporters
Taiwanese pop singer Show Lo reportedly liked a photo on Instagram with derogatory captions towards Jay Chou, intensifying online arguments between fans of both singers. However, Show’s manager has stepped out to clarify that it was not Show who liked the photos but his imposter.

The two singing sensations received attention recently after Jay’s wife Hannah Quinlivan’s “love letter” to Show on a variety show back in 2008 resurfaced after the couple’s marriage.

Though Jay appeased both their fans after speaking up against accusations by his close friends that Show had ridden on the couple’s fame to stir news for himself, new alleged screenshots of Show liking photos on Instagram that dissed Jay enraged fans again yesterday.

Fans sparked off a heated debate after a netizen posted three Instagram screenshots on Jay's Chinese fan forum. The first screenshot documented a user’s derogatory captions towards Jay that stated, “Is it a problem of the owner (Jay) or his dogs that they are biting people hysterically? Did the owner do a bad job in training the dogs or are the dogs simply too stupid to be trained?”

Following the controversial photo were two other screenshots that allegedly documented Show liking that netizen’s photo using his official Instagram account.

However, Show’s manager clarified that the alleged proof were false as Show’s Instagram user name is “showlostage”, unlike the user name in the screenshots which was “shoulostage”.

His manager also claimed that Show was not angered by the matter, but simply commented, “I am already used to such pranks and malicious accusations. I would not be affected by them.”

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