Fann Wong labelled the most beautiful wife in the world

Fann Wong’s on-screen husband Lee Li Ren called her the most beautiful wife in the world

Fann Wong labelled the most beautiful wife in the world

Singaporean artiste Fann Wong will be hitting the big screen again for the first time since giving birth to Baby Zed 11 months ago. She regained her pre-baby figure and 52 kg frame just in time for her to film the Taiwanese film directed by Cai Yinjuan Packages from Daddy.

Fann was present at the movie’s press conference in Beijing, China, yesterday and described the film to have an “amazing” and “truly moving script". She said, “Since I’ve become a mother, I’ve become even more sensitive to this topic. I told my agency that I simply had to accept this job.”

The mother of one also explained that her only request for taking on this job in Taiwan is to be able to fly home every two weeks to visit her baby son. Fann also spoke about the strong relationship she shares with her actor-husband, Christopher Lee, and said, “I’m not worried about my husband. He always initiates phone calls and makes sure he contacts me three times a day, so I’ve no need to go looking for him.”

Fann Wong labelled the most beautiful wife in the world

As the two are fellow actors, they have a mutual understanding when it comes to work and gave each other the permission to act in intimate scenes with other people. Taiwanese actor Lee Li Ren, who will be acting alongside Fann as her on-screen husband, praised her as “the most beautiful wife in the world”.

On a recent shoot for a Chinese reality show Let’s Go Love, which features celebrity couples competing in various outdoor activities in the wild, Christopher and Fann, who are contestants on the show, unexpectedly encountered a snake nest. Christopher wasted no time and moved in front of Fann to protect her from danger, leaving netizens in admiration of the loving couple.

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