Fans think Hannah Quinlivan exudes motherly vibes

The 22-year-old resigned from a sports-related movie, giving rise to speculations on her pregnancy

Fans think Hannah Quinlivan exudes motherly vibes

Taiwan-based Australian model and wife of Taiwanese pop wonder Jay Chou, Hannah Quinlivan, further fuelled her pregnancy rumours when she appeared in loose clothing at the airport in Brisbane, Australia, on Wednesday night (Mar 11).

The couple had ended their third wedding ceremony held in Brisbane, Hannah’s hometown in Australia, and was set to return to Taipei that night.

While their wedding ceremony had garnered a great amount of attention, the public also began to take interest in Hannah’s ‘tummy’ as she had abruptly resigned from a film on basketball which she had agreed to star in before she had married Jay.

As Jay had previously stated that he wishes to have five children, netizens could not help but speculate that the two are trying hard for their first child.

On their night of deparature, a fan had approached Hannah while she was shopping at the duty free shop and asked for a photo with her, which she shared online the next day.

Fans think Hannah Quinlivan exudes motherly vibes

Though Hannah was dressed casually in a black sleeveless maxi dress and had her hair tied up in a ponytail, she gladly removed her sunglasses and revealed her bare face for the camera.

Jay, on the other hand, was clad in black from head to toe. Though fans were only able to capture his back view, netizens still praised him for ‘looking handsome even from his back view’.

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