Fans worry for Hannah Quinlivan’s wellbeing

The pregnant model frightened fans with her recent jump shot and playful behaviour

Fans worry for Hannah Quinlivan’s wellbeing

Taiwanese celebrity couple Hannah Quinlivan and Jay Chou married in January and  announced news of Hannah’s pregnancy earlier this month. Since then, the media has been carefully charting her pregnancy progress over the last few months and now, people have even commented that her belly bulge matches the size of a basketball.

Hannah, still young and strong, did not let her pregnancy deter her from working, or playing, for that matter. The model was spotted at the Coachella Music Festival having a good time with Hollywood star Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith.

It is reported that the young mum-to-be was not afraid to fly to California for the festival even though she could be tired by the long journey. She did not forget to protect her unborn baby too, posting on Weibo that she only listened to the music from afar in fear it would be too loud for her baby.

H&M China’s official Weibo posted a photo yesterday of Hannah’s jump shot. Worried fans left messages such as “Please rest and care for your stomach, don’t jump so high,” and “Don’t be so worrying. How could the photographer let her jump like that? Take care good care of yourself, okay?”

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