Faye Wong plans to tie Nicholas Tse down with a child

The Hong Kong actress reportedly hopes this could stop ex-wife Cecilia Cheung from intruding their relationship

传王菲欲生女绑谢霆锋 断张柏芝翻身机会

The reconciliation between Hong Kong celebrities Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong last month left members of the public and media reeling in shock and sparked rumours that the latter was pregnant.

Although those speculations have been refuted by Faye’s manager, there have been talks that she is conditioning her body to bear Nicholas a baby girl, mainly to stop ex-wife Cecilia Cheung from “snatching” Nicholas away from her.

11 years ago, Faye and Nicholas ended their romantic relationship because of Cecilia’s intrusion, and Cecilia bore Nicholas two sons, Lucas Tse, 7, and Quintus Tse, 4, after they got married in 2006. Although the two have divorced in 2011, they still keep in contact in order to spend time with their sons, who are currently under Cecilia’s custody.

It is said that Faye is insecure about her relationship with Nicholas and has plans to tie him down with a child to prevent history from happening again. She has also been watchful of her diet and is abstaining from food that may hinder her from getting pregnant. The 45-year-old, who would be a high risk expecting mother at her age, reportedly does not rule out ovulation induction although she prefers to conceive naturally.

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