Faye Wong prepares for singing comeback

The Hong Kong singer lent her voice to the theme song of Chinese movie Back in Time


Hong Kong singer Faye Wong’s reconciliation with celebrity Nicholas Tse this September attracted much attention from the media. After that event, she made her first public appearance on Monday in China for the media conference of Chinese campus romance movie Back in Time.

The singer-songwriter, who sang the theme song for the movie, turned up in a white top and black bottom looking like a high-school student. Actors of the movie Eddie Peng, Michael Chen, Vision Wei (Wei Chen) and Ryan Zheng (Zheng Kai) were also present at the event and were dressed in a similar fashion.

When asked which part of the song lyrics attracted Faye, Eddie took a guess and mentioned a line which describes the never-ending love between a man and woman, seemingly relating that to her relationship with Nicholas.

But the 45-year-old declined to respond and said, “Don’t ask so many questions,” before changing the topic.

Sharing that the song was not easy to sing, she revealed, “I recorded the song twice before I was satisfied. This [latest] version was only completed days ago.”

It is said that Faye is taking this opportunity to prepare for her new album release at the end of the year, which she has already finished recording for, before launching her comeback next year with a concert tour.

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