Faye Wong rumoured to be pregnant with Nicholas Tse’s child

The 45-year-old Chinese singing diva, who rekindled her relationship with Nicholas Tse last year, is said to be expecting

Faye Wong rumoured to be pregnant with Nicholas Tse’s child

Pregnancy rumours resurfaced for Chinese singing diva Faye Wong after she was seen at Lijiang Sanyi Airport yesterday with her second daughter while they were on their way to support Faye’s former husband, Chinese actor Li Yapeng, at an event for his construction company.

The first wave of rumours started last year after the 45-year-old reconciled with 34-year-old Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, whom she had dated for a short period of time before they swiftly broke up in 2003. At that time, Faye was speculated to be pregnant with Nicholas’ child as she had worn loose-fitting clothes while filming a television commercial and repeatedly touched her abdomen as though she had a child.

Sources also claimed that Faye became a faithful Buddhist devotee as she wanted to have a smooth pregnancy. She was even said to have spent a hefty sum to invite a Taiwanese venerable to chant scriptures for seven consecutive days to bless her baby. However, the rumours were quickly proven false.

Yet, a source recently claimed that Faye is two months into her pregnancy and that her friends are all aware of it. Faye’s manager, on the other hand, stepped out to deny the rumour.

She said nonchalantly, “No, there isn’t such a matter,” and hung up the phone without explaining any further.

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