Faye Wong’s daughter plans to debut in Japan

Leah Dou plans to make her Japanese debut at the end of the year and collaborate with her mother

Faye Wong’s daughter plans to debut in Japan

Chinese singer-songwriter Faye Wong’s 18-year-old daughter Leah Dou has set her eyes on breaking into the music scene.

It was reported on Sunday (June 7) that Leah plans to make her musical debut with the release of a self-produced and all-original English album in Japan at the end of the year.

Faye is very supportive of her daughter and suggested that she debut in Japan as she felt that Hong Kong fans might not be too receptive to her genre of music.

Faye, 45, has been on a hiatus since her last tour in 2010, but is said to be making a comeback in the latter half of the year. Another report claims that Leah will be performing on her mother’s comeback tour.

Leah has fortunately inherited her parents’ musical talents – her father being Chinese musician Dou Wei – and she often likes to share her music online. Last month, she uploaded a music video of her singing an original English song ‘Chimes’, in which she looked over-aged and her voice sounded particularly lower.

Netizens began to comment that she is starting to take the likeness of her mother and even their music styles are similar. They also said that the psychedelic and emotional music showcased her personality on a deeper level.

Hong Kong multi hyphenate Nicholas Tse sees potential in her and had once considered signing her to his company, but because Leah was aware of his and Faye’s complex relationship, she didn’t want the focus of her music debut to be diverted to her mother. In the end, she signed on with Faye’s agent, Chen Jiaying.

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