Faye Wong’s younger daughter gets into video selfies

Li Yan, 9, uploads clips she films on her tablet, and shows extent of her mother’s cosmetics collection

Li Yan

The younger daughter of Mandopop singer Faye Wong appears to be developing an interest in video selfies and exhibits early promise of becoming an Internet personality.

Li Yan, just 9 years old, has been uploading clips online, and not only is she giving fans an insight into her famous mother’s life, she’s also demonstrating how to snap selfies in the style of leading celebrities Fan Bingbing and Angelababy. “I’m Yan, follow me and you’ll look like a goddess,” she wrote in her online profile.

In one of her clips, she gives tips on how to coordinate clothes, and shows viewers how large her mother’s collection of cosmetics and beauty products is.

Today, Chinese actor Li Yapeng, Li Yan’s father and Faye’s second husband, responded to questions on his daughter’s online endeavours. He said he felt responsible for neglecting Li Yan, and that after discussing the issue with his daughter they decided to shut down her online accounts.

Li Yapeng, Faye Wong

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