Felix Wong’s family pulls through wife’s cancer ordeal

The 53-year-old Hong Kong actor expressed his love and gratitude towards his courageous wife

Felix Wong’s family pulls through wife’s cancer ordeal
Veteran Hong Kong actor Felix Wong and wife Liang Jiehua recently opened up in an interview on a radio show about the gruelling journey Jiehua took to overcome her cancer.

Jiehua was diagnosed with acute leukaemia last year when she did a body check-up after experiencing weird symptoms and health conditions. Initially mistaking it for a common cold, Jiehua discovered that her injection wound did not heal for a long time and got a diagnosis for her health issues.

“When the analysis of the blood sample was out, my doctor told me that I only had 10 platelets when a healthy person’s platelet count would range from 150 to 200. If I were to faint on the streets, my brain could burst and it may lead to death. It was then that I decided to be hospitalised to receive treatment,” Jiehua recounted the daunting revelation.

Felix shared that he was devastated when he first received the unfortunate news of Jiehua’s illness. However, the 53-year-old constantly reminded himself to accept the situation and face it courageously.
“I needed to give my wife positivity and confidence that she will recover. I remained composed the entire time and I have never collapsed or shed a tear till date.”

However, Jiehua revealed that her greatest concern was not her health condition but her daughter Huang Zhiqing. “I was very pessimistic when I thought of my only daughter and how I would not know how her future will be like. In addition, there were a lot of nasty rumours circulating at that time, I was really unhappy.”

The couple kept Zhiqing in the dark when Jiehua was hospitalised to undergo her first chemotherapy session as they did not want her to worry.

“Zhiqing had planned for a holiday overseas and we did not want her mood to be affected during her holiday and when she returned to work. I simply told her that her mother went to Macau to work,” Felix described.

“However, when she knew of her mother’s condition, she broke down in tears when they met and became extremely concerned and unhappy.”

Jiehua elaborated further, “Zhiqing was under immense stress to hide the situation from the media. We initially chose to keep my condition a secret as we did not want my 90-year-old mother to worry. Zhiqing has matured a lot.”

Felix Wong’s family pulls through wife’s cancer ordeal
When asked about the treatment process, Felix bluntly admitted, “I wanted to cancel all my work commitments to solely spend time with my wife. However, she insisted that I honour my word and do my job well.”

Jiehua also admitted that she brooded over the fact that Felix had to withstand so much pressure at that time. However, she is glad that the chemotherapy was a success and her cancerous cells are kept under control.

At the end of the radio show, Felix proclaimed his affection towards his wife with an ‘I Love You’.

“I am very grateful for my wife’s courage and willingness to take on the tough battle against her illness. Over the years, she never failed to take care of me and point out my shortcomings to make me a better person. I am very honoured to be her husband,” he ended sweetly.

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