Feng Shaofeng reportedly cheated on Ni Ni with Jelly Lin

Actor started dating one before ending things with the other, sources say


Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng (or William Feng), 37, reportedly cheated on actress Ni Ni with new “Sing Girl” Jelly Lin (or Lin Yun), 18. According to Chinese media, he started seeing the young actress before he ended his relationship with Ni Ni, 27.

The rumoured couple are now reportedly living together. They were seen last month entering and leaving the same building, and they met up with Shaofeng’s father for a meal before returning together.

Neither has commented on the speculation.

Shaofeng’s three-year relationship with Ni Ni looked like it would end in marriage, as he said in 2014, but by May 17 it had ended; yet the actor was spotted dining with Jelly on May 1.

Jelly plays the female lead in Stephen Chow’s Chinese New Year fantasy film The Mermaid.

Feng Shaofeng seen on date with ‘Mermaid’ Lin Yun 

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