Fish Leong laughs at her son learning to walk

Seeing her son learn to take his first steps is “the best Mothers’ Day gift” to Fish Leong

Fish Leong laughs at her son learning to walk

Mandopop singer Fish Leong celebrated her second Mothers’ Day yesterday and took her family out to celebrate over a meal.

Recently, Fish has been busy with her world tour, and the overly-attached mother has been bringing her 1-year-old son Anderson Chiu, whom she gave birth to last April, along with her everywhere she goes.

She admitted that whenever her son attended her shows, his presence alone makes her feel at ease. However, her husband Tony Chiu and mother could not attend her Beijing concert over the weekend and as a result, little Anderson missed out on the concert too.

At her Beijing concert, old footages were played of her mother accompanying her to the singing competition from the initial stages of her career. Fish broke out in tears after she watched a video containing an encouraging message left by her Taiwanese record producer mentor Jonathan Lee.

After the concert, the 36-year-old mother took an early morning flight back to Taiwan for her Mothers’ Day meal with her mother. While she presented her mum with an Hermès bag, when asked about when she is looking forward to from Anderson, she laughed and said, “Getting to laugh at Anderson as he grabs on to things and tries to learn how to walk properly is the best Mothers’ Day gift to me.”

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