Fish Leong misunderstood by fans to go on a hiatus

The Malaysian singer shocked her fans when she shared her wishes to spend more time with her son

Fish Leong misunderstood by fans to go on a hiatus

Malaysian singer and mother-of-one Fish Leong recently left an ambiguous message on Weibo which left fans shell-shocked. “After my current concert tour, I will most likely focus on the growth of Anderson (her son),” she wrote.

After Fish posted the message yesterday afternoon, her fans took it as a hint her going on hiatus and flooded her post with comments.

Some commented bluntly, “I can’t accept this” and “I’ve cried so much I’m feeling dizzy”, while others speculated that she may have been affected by celebrity buddy Patty Wu, who announced her hiatus last year to become a full-time mother.

Instead of responding to fans, Fish quickly deleted her post and could not be contacted for a short period of time. Later in the afternoon, her manager stepped in to deny the rumours on her hiatus, clarifying that Fish had deleted the post as she was worried that her fans would misinterpret her words.
Fish Leong misunderstood by fans to go on a hiatus
Fish also commented that it may take a long time before she would hold another large-scale concert tour after her current one, which is expected to begin in Shanghai on Mar 13.

The singing diva, who debuted 16 years ago and is the voice behind famous ballads like ‘Courage’ and ‘Sadly, It’s Not You’, made a swift return last September after giving birth to her first son Anderson last April.

Fish is also known to have sharply reduced her workload to look after her son but still has an average of one to two performances in China every week.

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