Fish Leong’s son poses like “Puss in Boots”

The Malaysian singer’s 7-month-old son shows off his watery eyes in a “Puss in Boots” pose

梁静茹儿子呆萌照受捧 发文回忆儿子成长2.jpg

Malaysian singer Fish Leong, who gave birth to her 7-month-old son, Anderson Chiu, early this year, has been sharing photos of his cute poses on her social media account.

On Monday, her husband, Tony Chiu, posted one with Anderson flaunting his signature huge and watery eyes. Together with that photo was one of the cartoon kitten character Puss in Boots and he wrote: “Okay daddy will give you whatever you ask for, this way [of asking for favours] is so familiar.”

It garnered much attention and ‘likes’ from netizens who commented on how adorable the doe-eyed toddler is.

In addition, the proud mother had also shared a photo of Anderson’s feet on Sunday as she reminisced about Anderson’s growing up days.

梁静茹儿子呆萌照受捧 发文回忆儿子成长1.jpg

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