Four-month pregnant Sonia Sui visits Singapore

Sonia Sui and her husband are on a holiday trip to Singapore 

Four-month pregnant Sonia Sui visits Singapore

Taiwanese model-turned-actress Sonia Sui recently headed to Singapore on vacation with her husband, veteran Taiwanese artiste Lai Pei-Hsia’s step-son Tony Chia, and posted lovely couple photographs from their stroll around the area yesterday.

Still looking slim at four-months-pregnant, 34-year-old Sonia showed off her slender limbs in the photos. Some sharp-eyed netizens pointed out that the location where the photos were taken is at one of Singapore’s famous landmarks, the Henderson Waves Bridge.

Sonia praised Singapore’s beautiful view and green landscape in her post, saying, “The environment here is a perfect balance of comfort and cleanliness.” She added, “From walking on foot, I’ve already produced one litre of sweat.”

In January, Sonia and Tony had a flash marriage in America but they often lived separately due to busy schedules. However, since the news of their pregnancy, the two have been closer than ever and more openly romantic too.

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