Francis Ng and Hunan TV reach an agreement for son’s compensation

The Hong Kong actor apologised for his rashness and thanked the Chinese broadcaster for settling the issue

Francis Ng and Hunan TV reach an agreement for son’s compensation

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng and Chinese broadcaster Hunan TV have reached a settlement for his son Feynman Ng’s injury on Saturday, shortly after the 53-year-old had expressed his anger when speaking about the issue during an interview.

Feynman had sustained an injury above his left eye while he and Francis were filming an episode of the second season of Hunan TV’s famous parenting reality show, Dad, Where Are You Going?, in New Zealand last year.

After news of Francis’ explosive behaviour during his interview was released last Wednesday, Hunan TV swiftly invited him for a discussion about a settlement. The 53-year-old promised to inform the public of the outcome when he and Feynman attend the event for a parent-and-child fashion brand on Sunday.

When asked about the discussion on Sunday, Francis replied, “(It went) pretty well. I am thankful that the authorities in Hunan TV have specially flew over to settle this issue and even discussed till the wee hours.”

The father-of-one also apologised for his rash behaviour and harsh words in his interview and clarified, “When I heard that Feynman’s injury would leave a scar, I was really devastated. At the moment, his vision is still alright.”

With regards to Hunan TV’s claim that they could not process the insurance claim as they had not received Feynman’s medical bill, Francis stated, “People who are familiar with insurance should know that a receipt for medical services is not enough to guarantee an insurance claim.”

Meanwhile, singer Gary Cao, who also stars on the same parenting show, was angry that netizens speculated that his son was the cause of Feynman’s injury.

Gary initially wrote a request on his Weibo for Hunan TV and Francis to clear of his son’s allegations, but changed his tone on Sunday when he said, “I sincerely ask that Hunan TV, Francis and me could meet with the lawyers. Could you make a promise? If not, netizens would continue to misunderstand. Thank you. I want the truth! Please provide the truth!”

He even added, “Francis is the good guy while I am petty and nasty. Is this how the plot goes?”

While netizens were baffled with his sudden rage, Gary swiftly posted, “Francis and I were only joking! (laughs) Everything has been settled and I only wanted to play a prank on everyone. I didn’t realise that netizens would actually be so concerned.”

When asked at the event about Gary’s Weibo posts, Francis replied that he has not seen them, but quickly added, “Everyone loves children. Many children have the same experience as Feynman, it is unnecessary to involve other children. We shouldn’t be harming more children.” 

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