Friends, family gather to send Makiyo’s mother off

A funeral company volunteered to pay half of the funeral expenses to help the cash-strapped actress

Friends, family gather to send Makiyo’s mother off
Makiyo and her family held the farewell ceremony for her mother yesterday in Taipei after her passing earlier this month.

The funeral hall, decorated elaborately with a sea of white flowers, was nearly filled up with close to 150 guests as Makiyo’s mother well-liked by many people for her amiable character.

At the farewell ceremony, a video collage that recorded Makiyo and her mother’s daily adventures and interactions was shown. Though the clip lasted for only five minutes, guests at the ceremony felt the close bond shared between the both of them.

Friends, family gather to send Makiyo’s mother off
When the ceremony came to an end, Makiyo also spoke of her mother’s final moments and said tearfully, “I have kissed my mother on her head. Though I cannot bear to part with her, I will be strong and lead my life well in the future.”

Her clique of celebrity friends like Barbie and Dee Hsu were also present at the ceremony. Barbie praised Makiyo’s mother’s good culinary skills while Dee complimented her as a strong woman.

Friends, family gather to send Makiyo’s mother off
Makiyo thanked her friends and family who attended the ceremony and said she believed that her mother would ‘watch over them in heaven’.

She also revealed that she had placed her mother’s favourite belongings in her coffin – four sets of clothes, a pair of shoes, a blanket and a perfume that she cherished dearly.
The expenses of the ceremony, estimated to be NT$500,000 (approximately S$21,672), was split equally and jointly paid by Makiyo’s family and the funeral company in charge of the ceremony.

The funeral company had offered a helping hand to the 31-year-old actress as they were aware that her mother’s cancer treatment fees for the past seven years had taken a toll of her finances. Makiyo’s mother’s cancer treatments costed an average of NT200,000 (approximately S$8500) each month.

The actress’ income was affected following her drunk episode in 2012 which saw her punching a taxi driver with her then-boyfriend. Although Makiyo’s financial situation improved when her career took off in China, her monthly income of NT$100,000 (approximately S$4,250) was insufficient for the hefty medical fees and celebrity friends like Barbie and Dee chipped in financially to her Makiyo pull through the difficult period.

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