G.E.M. cries foul over Jenny Tseng's accusations of rudeness

‘If apologising will appease her, I’ll gladly do it,’ the young singer says

GEM Tang, Jenny Tseng

After Canto- and Mandopop royalty Jenny Tseng called her rude for not going over to say hello at an event last year, Hong Kong pop singer Gloria Tang, better known as G.E.M., has protested the accusation and called the whole saga a misunderstanding.

The 24-year-old singer said she had never intended to be impolite, but she kept missing opportunities to speak to Jenny, causing the brouhaha to spin out of control, Hong Kong media reports.

According to G.E.M., while at the event in question, she heard about Jenny’s presence and wanted to go say hello to the 62-year-old pop legend. But when she saw the crowd of people lining up to take photos with Jenny, she changed her mind.

“I didn’t approach Jenny because I thought she wouldn’t know who I am,” G.E.M. said. “I idolise Jenny, though. My grandmother has many of her cassette tapes and she would often play Jenny’s music when I was in primary school.”

G.E.M. said she was taken aback when Jenny later called her rude for not greeting her, and tried to salvage the situation. “I called colleagues immediately to ask if they had a contact number for Jenny,” G.E.M. said. “I even posted an update on Weibo, because I think it was all a misunderstanding — I didn’t mean to come across as disrespectful.”

At another event shortly afterwards, G.E.M. and Jenny appeared at the same venue again, but because G.E.M. still had yet to make peace with Jenny, the young singer was slammed for being a diva and putting on airs.

“I had already rehearsed what I would say to Jenny, but I didn’t meet her backstage,” G.E.M. said. “Then I went onstage, and when I came offstage Jenny went on and I headed out for interviews, so we never got a chance to speak.”

Still, G.E.M. is happy to apologise to the veteran singer and clear the air. “If apologising will appease her, I’ll gladly do it,” she said.

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