G.E.M. denies getting axed from I Am a Singer 3 special

The 23-year-old personally responded to the rumours about her being fired, adding that the rumours make her “very scared”

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Hong Kong musician Gloria Tang (also known as G.E.M.) was unwilling to change her song choice in short notice and was dropped from the I Am a Singer 3 special programme, rumoured to have been fired by Hunan TV. Yesterday, she went to Shanghai to attend an event and responded to the rumours for the first time.

I Am a Singer 3 show director Hong Tao posted on Weibo last week: “If you don’t change your song, we will change the singer.” G.E.M. recalled, “When I woke up on the morning of March 31, I found a message from Hong Tao hoping for me to change songs. I felt it was a little strange and checked Weibo, only to find that there were a lot of reports on this online.

The singer-songwriter reiterated that she had only agreed to perform if the television station permitted her to sing her original song. In the end, the organisers could not fit her into the show because she had to perform with other contestants who were doing covers and not originals, and she decided to opt out of the special programme eventually. “I was listening to my colleagues, who said there are reports about me being fired. I called Hong Tao, who denied the rumours and hopes not to attract too much external speculation or cause complications. He also hopes that everyone can just live on happily,” G.E.M. explained.

Although it’s been a few days since the rumours began, G.E.M. admits that she still feels haunted by the Weibo post and overwhelmed by the news reports, saying, “I was very scared”. She hopes the news will die down as soon as possible.

The artiste took the incident as a learning opportunity of “how to better communicate with the team”, “how she can manage her own stress”, and how to communicate with the producers at the right time.

“All this needs improvement,” said the singer.


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