G.E.M. dropped from programme because of diva behaviour

A-Lin will be replacing G.E.M in I am a Singer 2015 due to her uncooperative behaviour

G.E.M. dropped from programme because of diva behaviour

Chinese singer-songwriter Gloria Tang (known as G.E.M.) will be replaced by Taiwanese pop singer Huang Li Ling (known as A-Lin) in a I am a Singer 2015 special programme because she refused to change her song choice.

The show director Hong Tao posted on Weibo, “If you don’t change your song, we will change the singer.” Although he did not name names, most people speculated that the director was referring to G.E.M.

Today, Hong Tao confirmed that it was directed at G.E.M., writing that she should drop out of the show because she could not come to a compromise with the production crew.

Contestants on I am a Singer usually have to do covers of other artistes’ songs, but considering the expectations of the audience, they allowed G.E.M. perform her original songs instead. As it’d be unfair to have G.E.M. sing her own songs while other singers sang cover songs, coupled with her difficult behaviour, the production crew decided to drop G.E.M. from the programme.

Due to lack of preparation time and adherence to the quality of art, the company had no other choice but to replace her. However, Hong Tao’s actions have caused uproar amongst G.E.M. fans who are distressed that their idol has been titled a “diva”. There are also some netizens who questioned: “Why is it that the other six singers could cooperate but not G.E.M.?”

Yesterday afternoon, Hong Tao responded about the G.E.M. incident frankly, “Please forgive me, I cannot cope with the sudden change.”

G.E.M. responded and apologised to Hong Tao, saying on Weibo that she is grateful for being given a platform to showcase her singing. She also mentioned about giving a hundred per cent in every performance to compensate the audience. 

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