G.E.M. Tang denies she gave out her London concert tickets for free

Fan uploads photo evidence of $0 ticket

GEM Tang

Hong Kong singer Gloria Tang (also known as G.E.M.) has denied that tickets to her recent London concert had been handed out for free, calling the allegation a joke.

She added that for her world tour, she held 73 shows in 79 countries over two years with a total attendance of 800,000 — “There’s proof for you!” she said.

In response, a fan uploaded on Tuesday night a photo of the G.E.M. concert ticket he had, showing that it cost £0 before the mandatory £2.50 tax (approximately S$5.35).

The fan said G.E.M. was being untruthful, and that a £0 ticket was a £0 ticket.

G.E.M.’s concert promoter then denied this, saying, “We issued no such tickets, and all our tickets had been sold. We’d never given out tickets for nothing for any of the shows.”

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