G.E.M Tang denies taking nude photos

The 23-year-old gets caught up in a racy photo scandal for the second time

G.E.M Tang denies taking nude photos

Hong Kong pop siren G.E.M Tang spoke against her alleged nude photos leaked online recently and clarified that the woman in the photos was an impersonator.

The 23-year-old’s fans were enraged after a set of screenshots of a topless woman, who bears deep resemblance to G.E.M, circulated online earlier this month.

They hoped that netizens would stop spreading malicious rumours of the singer as it would hurt her reputation. G.E.M was also embroiled in another nude photo scandal in July last year.

On Tuesday night (Mar 10), G.E.M boldly posted the set of photos on Weibo and chided her haters sarcastically, “I think my haters have the potential to be film producers because they have top-notch ability to find an impersonator for me. But for those who were tricked, I’m sorry to say that that is not me.”

The photos were further proven false as G.E.M’s lower left jawbone is naturally smaller than her right side and her teeth are misaligned, while her impersonator’s teeth and jaw had differed greatly in the photos.

Netizens also showed their support for G.E.M, asking the singer to ignore her haters and even comforted her, “If you take this seriously, you have lost the game.”

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