G.E.M. Tang rumoured to be dating Chinese pop star

Singers reportedly together since last October


Hong Kong singer Gloria Tang (or G.E.M.) is reportedly seeing Chinese pop singer Hua Chenyu, 25, winner of the 2013 Super Boy singing contest.

G.E.M. was seen linking arms with Chenyu on what appeared to be a date, but the couple in the photos published were wearing face masks, so many netizens found the rumour hard to believe.


G.E.M. and Chenyu have been an item since last October, according to Hong Kong media.

She was recently suspected of being involved with Mark Ngai, the beau of her friend Joey Wong, but she and Joey both denied this.

G.E.M. was single for two years after she split from Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin.

She will perform at this Sunday's Lion Charity Show 2016. Catch the telecast on Sunday, January 24, 7 pm on Channel 8, with a repeat broadcast on January 31, 3 pm.

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