G.E.M. Tang seen on date with friend Joey Wong’s beau

Singer denies she’s the third party


Hong Kong singer Gloria Tang (or G.E.M.) was recently spotted behaving intimately with the boyfriend of her close friend Joey Wong while out on a group date.

As the group was about to part, G.E.M. was seen leading Mark Ngai away into a dark alley, leading to rumours that the 24-year-old singer was coming between him and Joey, 25, a singer and dancer.

Mark is reportedly the grandson of businessman Wong Kwok Sing, an ex-husband of screen legend Rosamund Kwan.

G.E.M. later clarified that he and Mark were just friends and said she hoped none of her friends would get labeled “rumoured boyfriend” ever again.

Joey posted a group photo on her Instagram account yesterday and wrote, “You’re imagining things — we’re all good friends! And four friends in our group have been referred to as ‘G.E.M.’s rumoured boyfriend,’ that’s outrageous!”

G.E.M. has been single since she broke up with Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin in early 2014 after a three-year relationship.

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