Gaile Lok reportedly breaks up with boyfriend

The Hong Kong model is said to have broken up with her New Zealander beau of two years

Gaile Lok and Denim

Following her divorce from Hong Kong actor-singer Leon Lai in 2012, model Gaile Lok struck up a romance with her New Zealander beau, Denim, and even moved to Bali with him.

But the two reportedly broke up after dating for two years and insiders revealed it was Gaile who ended the relationship due to a clash in personalities.

It is said that the 34-year-old’s view towards love changed after her divorce and she has placed her priority on work despite frequent rumours of a second marriage.

In April, Gaile started a jewellery label and even took on the role of a designer. However after her split with Denim, she shifted the headquarters of her label from Bali to the States and even spent her birthday in August in San Francisco.

Denim is understood to be holding on to the relationship and even travelled to the States in hopes of a reconciliation but to no avail. 

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