Gao Yuanyuan sparks pregnancy rumours yet again

Actress seen in loose-fitting clothes, scarf

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Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan, 36, was spotted visiting the set of new Chinese drama Let’s Fall In Love recently, and the loose-fitting clothes and long scarf she wore set off another round of rumours that she’s pregnant.

Married to Taiwanese-Canadian actor Mark Chao for more than a year, Yuanyuan has been suspected of being pregnant since last June, but at that time she explained that she had been eating more than usual. Mark, 31, said they were trying for children.

Mark’s father, actor and singer Allen Chao, was at a press conference recently and when asked about how he got along well with child actors, he said, “Perhaps it’s a hint that I’ll have grandchildren soon.”

But he declined to answer when questioned whether Yuanyuan was expecting.

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