Gary Cao insults Hong Kong and angers netizens

Gary Cao was heavily criticised for making a snide comment about Hong Kong’s history

Gary Cao insulted Hong Kong and angered netizens

Netizens think that Malaysian Chinese singer-songwriter Gary Cao pulled a “double whammy” with his political stunt, alongside the issue where his son Mighty Joe Cao was suspected to have hurt Hong Kong actor-director Francis Ng’s son, Feynman Ng.

Even before the previous problem has died down, another one has already joined in. Two days ago (May 25), a netizen from Hong Kong resurfaced an incident from earlier in March online, worsening 35-year-old Gary’s already-tarnished image.

Back then, Gary was a music mentor on the Beijing TV programme Music Master Class and the theme of the show was about patriotic songs. When his 6-year-old mentee sang the classic, ‘My Chinese Heart’, the veteran singer explained his ideas about people from China with the intention of allowing his mentee to gain a better understanding of the song.

Gary Cao insulted Hong Kong and angered netizens

Gary, who’s actually Malaysian Chinese, even questioned the boy, “Do you think I look like I’m from China? I am also Chinese! We are all descendants of the people of China.”

When it was another mentee’s turn to sing, the child chose to sing ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and Gary brought up the historical fact about the return of Hong Kong, describing it as “returning into mother’s arms”. This angered a large number of Hong Kong netizens and Gary has since suspended his Weibo account after enduring many attacks.

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