Gary Chaw badly injured doing fight scenes

Singer’s daughter, Grace, goes for ear surgery


Photos: PBE Media

Malaysian Mandopop singer Gary Chaw, 36, has gotten himself badly injured after he insisted on doing his own fighting sequences. He was shooting scenes for the 60-minute music-video movie accompanying the release of his latest album, A Friend.

The singer refused to use a stand-in, and fought until he bled and aggravated an old sports injury in his left foot. He took one kick there from his sparring partner and another to his head. When he fell backwards he was semiconscious and couldn’t sit up.

“My mind was a blank then,” Gary said afterwards. “Everyone was crowding around me, and I did feel as if I was on the brink of death.”


Before filming began, Gary spent two weeks training his boxing skills. The singer wrote and directed the movie, which reportedly premiered on March 30.

Gary’s wife, Wu Sou Ling, posted on Facebook yesterday that their 5-year-old daughter, Grace, was going for a minor operation. The singer’s manager clarified that Grace had been suffering an ear infection, and would stay in hospital tomorrow for the surgery.


The couple have a 7-year-old son, Joe, and both siblings appeared with Gary on the Chinese reality programme Dad, Where Are We Going in 2014.

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