Gary Chaw organises grand proposal for wife

Singer registered marriage but hasn’t held wedding


Malaysian Taiwan-based singer–songwriter Gary Chaw (or Cao Ge), 36, organised an elaborate proposal for his wife, Wu Sou Ling, on Sunday, and she accepted it.

The couple registered their marriage in 2008 but had two children, Joe and Grace, before any wedding.

While taking part in the Chinese reality television programme Where Are We Going, Dad? more than a year ago, Gary held out a sign that read, “My dear, marry me,” before attempting a bungee jump, but Sou Ling turned him down because she thought it was an insincere proposal.


This time, Gary spent three months conceptualising a short film based on the grand proposal he was planning. Last Thursday he mobilised 30 family members and close friends as extras and brought in the 100-person production crew from Chinese reality music programme Sing For You to film him and his wife in secret for a day.

On Sunday, he booked the Eslite Art House cinema in Taipei and brought his wife over on the pretext that they were going for the movie premiere of a friend, who’s a Beijing director. Gary then proposed to Sou Ling with a bouquet, saying, “Years ago I didn’t give my wife a good life and I made many mistakes, but my wife would always forgive me.”


He got down on one knee and said, “Sou Ling, from this day on, no matter what happens, as long as you’re willing to, let me fulfill your dreams from now on, if you will marry me.”

Sou Ling started to cry, and said, “I thought you were being strange, so you were planning a proposal! I looked ugly in so many scenes in that film, and it’s your fault.” But she accepted his proposal in the end.

Gary’s wife and children reportedly moved out two years ago in response to his drunken outbursts. He has since given up alcohol.

The singer has set aside NT$10 million (approximately S$427,500) for Sou Ling to pick out a wedding ring of her choice, and the couple will hold their wedding banquet in about six months.


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