George Young & Janet Hsieh to wed in South Pole?

The good-friends-turned-couple are said to be tying the knot next month

George Young & Janet Hsieh to wed in South Pole?
More wedding bells may be ringing to usher the New Year – this time for local actor George Young and his Taiwanese-American girlfriend, Janet Hsieh. The venue: the South Pole.

The two have known each other for over a decade and were good friends until George fell sick last Christmas. Janet’s tender loving care during that period caused sparks to fly between the two and the rest, as they say, is history.

With the two having a deep understanding of each other due to their years of friendship, the two are said to have discussed marriage right off the bat and Janet tearfully said yes when George finally got down on bended knee.

George Young & Janet Hsieh to wed in South Pole?
On their unusual choice of wedding venue, Janet is said to have gone to Argentina three years ago and traveled to its southernmost city, Ushuaia. The city is regarded as the southernmost city in the world. Due to time constraints, the 34-year-old was unable to go further south and subsequently made known her wish to get married at the South Pole.

George is said to have arranged for loved ones to make the long journey to the South Pole next month and hold their nuptials in the presence of penguins and seals. The price tag: a cool NTD30 million (S$1.27m).

The couple is currently in Texas, America enjoying a holiday and is reportedly prepping for their big day. Janet is said to feel no pressure to have children but hopes to have at least one child. The couple is believed to let nature take its course.

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