Giddens Ko has broken up with his girlfriend

The Taiwanese author-director was caught cheating on his girlfriend last year  

Giddens Ko has broken up with his girlfriend

Six months after Giddens Ko admitted that he cheated on his girlfriend of nine years, Xiao Nei, the Taiwanese author-director revealed that the couple “broke up some time ago”.

Giddens attended his mentee Kai Ko’s talk at Shih Chien University yesterday, where he was invited to go on stage. When probed on his relationship status by the students, Giddens let on about the break-up but did not elaborate on the reasons. 

After the event, the You Are The Apple of My Eye director made an official announcement on Facebook. He wrote: “With regards to love, I just want to put it simply. Firstly, Xiao Nei and I had a serious discussion before deciding that parting ways will be better [for us]. Presently and in the future, we will maintain this hard-earned friendship. We will continue to motivate each other and to give each other our blessings.”

Meanwhile, news anchor Chou Ting Yu, the third party that was caught visiting a motel with Giddens last October, expressed her shock at the news. “I wish him well. Thanks for the concern,” she said, while refusing to comment if she still keeps in touch with Giddens.

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