Gigi Leung afraid daughter will forget her when she’s away

Actress resumes acting after giving birth


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Hong Kong actress and singer Gigi Leung, 39, said she was afraid her 1-year-old daughter, Sofia, would forget her while she’s away for filming overseas.

During her appearance at the Orbis Walk for Sight charity event on Sunday, the actress said she recently returned from a five-day shoot in Macau, the longest she’s been away from her child since Sofia was born last February.

Her husband, Spaniard Sergio Crespo Gutes, was left in charge of looking after Sofia and was bottle-feeding her when Gigi arrived home. The toddler pushed her father away and held her bottle out to Gigi, which surprised the actress.

Gigi said she forbids Sofia to use tablets or watch television, but she would make an exception when she heads overseas for shoots, so that she can connect with her family via video chat when she’s not in Hong Kong.

Gigi married Sergio in 2011.

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