Gigi Leung gives birth to baby girl

The Hong Kong singer’s baby girl arrived ahead of the expected delivery date

Gigi Leung gives birth to baby girl
Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung gave birth to her baby girl last Saturday night (Feb 28).

The 38-year-old mother had recently stayed home throughout the Chinese New Year break as she was in her eighth month of pregnancy and had a huge baby bump.

On Friday night (Feb 27), Gigi was admitted into the hospital in anticipation of her baby’s arrival, which was said to be in early March. However, Gigi began to experience labour pains the next morning.

Under her doctor’s recommendation, she brought forward her caesarean section operation, successfully delivering her child on the same night, squeezing into the list of February babies born on the last day of the month.

Sources revealed that Gigi’s husband Sergio had stayed by her side throughout her hospital stay and tended to her needs caringly. The couple reportedly broke into tears of joy when they saw their baby girl for the first time.

Yesterday, Gigi also shared her joy on Weibo with a picture of her baby girl tightly holding on to her finger. She also wrote a sweet message: “(Our) little angel has finally arrived by our side yesterday night! Our hearts are filled with thanksgiving, peace and joy.”
Gigi Leung gives birth to baby girl

Immediately after Gigi’s broke the good news, close celebrity friend Vivian Hsu gave her blessings in her Weibo post that read, “I can’t express the joy I felt when I knew that (our) little angel has arrived! All your godmothers cannot wait to visit you. It has been a hard time for you, Gigi!”

Gigi’s buddy Angelica Lee also congratulated her via Weibo, in which she wrote, “I am really touched to witness Gigi’s brave pregnancy process to the delivery of her baby girl. Welcome (our) little angel, your godmothers will do our best to give you the warmest love and protection.”

Shortly after, Gigi also shared a frontal shot of her darling and left a heart-warming message that read, “Previously, I was only able to feel your movements in my tummy but now, I am able to carry you in my arms, feel your weight and see your smile. All the pain I have endured is worthwhile.”

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