Gigi Leung names her baby girl “Sofia”

The Hong Kong singer gave birth to the baby girl last Saturday  

Gigi Leung names her baby girl “Sofia”
Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung posted a photo taken with her Spanish husband Sergio and newborn daughter yesterday.

The first-time mum also revealed that the couple has named the child Sofia, which means “wise” in Greek. However, they have yet to come up with a Chinese name for the baby girl. “We should settle her father’s Chinese name first!” she laughed.

Gigi gave birth to Sofia, who weighs 2.99 kg at birth, via caesarean section on Feb 28.

Gigi Leung names her baby girl “Sofia”

Despite suffering from excruciating labour contractions, Gigi forgot about the pain when she met her daughter for the first time. Also, the excited parents were rendered speechless when Sofia immediately stopped crying after they carried her.

Sofia reportedly takes after her parents’ lanky physique. “The doctors and nurses would exclaim that ‘Oh, she is so long’ (50 cm) whenever they see her,” an insider said.

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